April 25, 2022

Q2 MAGNET Summit: The Great Reinvention

The Great Reinvention 

April 6-8: Boston, MA

MAGNET, the Marketing & Advertising Global Network, is a worldwide community of independent agency leaders who share insights, ideas and opportunities to improve business performance, personal performance and stay on the leading edge of innovation. Schaefer joined Magnet in 2021 and as a member, we partner with great agencies and people that help advance our offering, expertise and reach. 

Twice a year, the organization hosts a summit that brings together independent agency principals from around the world to discuss the industry landscape, emerging trends, new challenges and share honest learnings from the last quarter. The Q2 Summit for 2022 was hosted in Boston, and Schaefer Advertising Co. was on site to understand how agencies everywhere are reshaping the present to navigate a future brought on by “The Great Reinvention.” 

Across three content-packed days, we heard from Kinney Edwards, Global Head of the Creative Lab at TikTok, about the explosive impact that platform is having on the advertising industry. We learned more about the scale and integration for the future of the Metaverse from David Berkowitz, Founder of Serial Marketers and SVP of Corporate Marketing at Mediaocean. We learned about the endless possibilities of data mobilization within the Snowflake Data Cloud. We brainstormed new talent incentives to help combat the reality of attracting and retaining an enthusiastic and engaged workforce in today’s talent acquisition environment. We heard from the experts how empathy is being understood and articulated by AI and machine learning to drive concepts. And those are just a few of our key takeaways.

It’s easy to be inspired by so much intentional conversation about the industry and its future. As an agency, we look forward to leaning into the innovation and reinvention of what our shops and client engagement can look like in 2022-2023. 

Thank you to MAGNET, for a thought-provoking three days with colleagues and the opportunity to allow iron to sharpen iron in this outstanding global agency peer network. Looking forward to our next meet-up this fall in Barcelona.