October 12, 2017

Let’s get digital!

We’ve got a new Digital Manager in the hot seat. Sarah de Verges came to us and we found her to be a Baylor bear who’s quick to love in TCU territory. It also helps she shares a love of breakfast tacos, homemade margaritas and all things digital.


Schaefer: How did you get started in digital?

I graduated with a degree in Journalism and PR from Baylor University. My first job out of college was as a marketing communications coordinator. The team was very small, so I was required to wear a lot of hats. I was able to learn a little bit of everything, especially digital. I like the fact that unlike many traditional forms of advertising, you’re able to measure your success in different tangible ways. Just by witnessing the growth of technology we’ve had in our lifetime, it’s infiltrating all industries and opening up a world of possibilities. It’s an exciting niche to be in, specifically in the advertising industry, because it’s only going to continue growing. Right now, I feel as if we’re only at the beginning of what digital will be.


Schaefer: What areas within digital appeal to you most?

I like working on the analytics side because, as I mentioned before, you’re able to measure the success of a campaign in a way that you can’t in other traditional forms of media. It’s interesting to be able to see how successful a campaign is running in real-time and have the ability to make changes in order to make it perform even better. Ken made a really good comment the other day where he said, “you’re always playing king of the hill in digital,” because you’re always trying to get better. Just because something is successful, it doesn’t mean there isn’t another tool or software that can make it even better.


 Schaefer: What is it like being a Baylor bear in TCU territory?

Frustrating [laughs]. It’s a fun rivalry except that Baylor’s had a hard year. Next question.


Schaefer: What are your favorite things to do in Fort Worth?

Running or walking on Trinity Trails is one of my favorite things to do here. It’s even more fun to stop at Woodshed or Press Cafe for a quick pick-me-up drink. I think the culture of Fort Worth is great – it’s still feels like an up-and-coming city. It’s been fun to see the amount of growth that has come this way over the past five years, but it’s maintained its “a big town with a small town” feel.

It’s unique because it’s a college town but has more to offer than say, Waco.


Schaefer: If someone in the office ordered last minute lunch for everyone, would you rather it be Panera or Jimmy Johns?

Panera. Because of the bakery aspect, because I would want cookies. I don’t know what Jimmy John’s cookie situation is like.

Schaefer: Actually, they’re pretty good.


Schaefer: Would you say you eat pretty healthy?

Publicly, I try. I try to eat healthy, but I definitely don’t always succeed. I cheat a lot. My desert island meal would probably be a brisket, bacon egg and cheese taco from Taco Heads with extra green sauce and a bottomless marg.


Schaefer: Rumor has it that you and your sister in law have the same name. 

It’s spelled the same way – first, middle and last. There are definitely challenges around the holidays and birthdays because of it. For example, it was her birthday a few weeks ago, and I wrote, “Happy Birthday, Sis” on her Facebook page. I didn’t even think about it, but then someone commented on the post on her page and said, “I got a bit confused here, because it said Sarah de Verges commented on Sarah de Verges’ wall.”

It’s a never-ending battle.


Schaefer: If you could control the music in the office every day, what would you put it on?

I would probably put it on late 60’s or early 70’s classic rock like the Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Eagles and Stevie Ray Vaughan. A little bit of everything.

My dad was really into music growing up. I grew up listening to Eagles, the Beatles and the Carpenters. The first album I ever got, or stole from my dad, was a Stevie Ray Vaughan album.


Schaefer: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen happen at Schaefer since you’ve been here?

I don’t know if it’s weird, but it’s definitely unique to have a photographer come in to take Halloween portraits of everyone. That’s never happened before at anywhere I’ve worked. It felt like class picture day, but ten times more fun.


Schaefer: How would you describe the culture here compared to other places you’ve worked?

All of us function like a family. It’s a relaxed environment, but the people here are competitive and work very, very hard. That really sums it up. Because it’s like a family environment, I would say everyone works hard for each other.


Schaefer: If you had to pick three people from the office to be on your team for an Escape Room, who would it be?

I would definitely have Maux with all his man camp skills. I would have to bring Addy for comic relief, and either Kelli or Debbie. We would definitely need a mom or voice of reason in the room.


Schaefer: If you woke up one day and you were digitally impaired, what could you see yourself doing?

If I could do anything in the world, I would be a singer, but I can’t sing. Second choice would be an artist, but I’m also a bad artist. So, those are pretty much off the table.

I should probably stick with digital.