May 11, 2015

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves.

Based on how often it’s promised in advertising, “becoming one’s true self” must be a near-universal obsession. New clothes, tanning salons, gym memberships, eyeglasses, Colorado tourism – the real you is out there. You just need to change in order to find it.
Well, we’ve changed. But we’re more “us” now than we’ve ever been, dig?
Welcome to the brand-new, same ol’ Schaefer Advertising Co. As you can see, we’ve gotten a haircut. But the advertising in us means we’re not going to wait for you to notice.
Our new website and refined logo are just the beginning – we’ll be rolling out little goodies as often as we feel like it. So why the change? Are we not still making notes on napkins?
What’s the saying? The cobbler’s children have no shoes? Advertising agencies are like that, too. We do what we do for you and often don’t have time to do our thing for ourselves. Years go by, and we suddenly don’t recognize ourselves in the mirror. So we go off to the desert, sit in a tepee for a while and come back with a new perspective.
Or something like that. In reality, we just had a lot of conversations over the course of the year. Who are we? How do we represent a diverse group of people in a single, unified way? Rather than dumping out a year’s worth of notes and revisions, let’s just skip to the result.
And you’re here. Allow us to reintroduce ourselves. We’re Schaefer Advertising Co. We’re an explorer brand. Schaefer is our hub, and we are spokes – each of us going out in our own way, gathering information and bringing it back to our home base. We pursue our interests and talents and share them with the group. We’re confident; we’re not afraid to say, “I don’t know,” then go figure it out. Our new tagline is also our mantra: Seek what’s possible.
One of the main things you’ll notice is our updated logo. There’s really nothing “pre-packaged” about Schaefer, so moving away from a stock font was a must. (We’ll do a dedicated post on that later so senior designer Charlie Howlett can geek out about it to his heart’s content.)
We’ll have a lot more to show and tell in the near future, including new ways to stay up on our adventures. But for now, you’ve got our new website to explore! Go forth, pioneers!
Yours truly,
The Schaefer team