December 8, 2014

Schaefer Christmas Retreat

The annual Schaefer Christmas party is always preceded by several months of planning, intrigue and lies, resulting in something of a cat-and-mouse game between the party planning committee and those who get off on ruining surprises.
After a concerted effort to make us all think we were flying somewhere (convincing many), we loaded up on Thursday morning and drove to our destination: a 16,000 square foot mansion on Lake Travis near Austin.

Arriving earlier than expected, the party planners called an audible – a wine tasting and tour at nearby Flat Creek Estate. Not a bad way to kill an hour.
After unloading the trailer and exploring the enormous house and grounds, we began the business of the day. This trip was to be part year-in-review, part looking ahead and part Burning Man. That is, a tamer, fully-clothed Burning Man without all the costumes and glitter.
Nicknames were earned, lingo was added to the already expansive Schaefer lexicon and we all came away with a clear vision of our goals for 2015. Some people also left with a headache.
Stay tuned for big things next year. Thanks for being a part of this one, even if it was just by reading this blog. There are a lot more photos to look through on our Facebook page, so head on over there now, please.
Merry Christmas from all of us at Schaefer.