June 25, 2013

Thanks to the Southside!

Thanks to the generosity of the Southside community during our Schaefermade lemonade stand promotion at ArtsGoggle, we were able to make a donation of $529.33 to Fort Worth South, Inc. at the end of last month. Paul Paine, president of Fort Worth South, made the journey to our office to accept the donation. In our typical subtle fashion, we wore our Schaefermade shirts for the big occasion.

The donation will be used for the organization’s tree planting initiative in the historic south side (still no word on whether or not these will be lemon trees although our fingers are crossed). So if you see new trees popping up in the near future, take pride in your contribution to Fort Worth South’s cause and remember the sunny day that we came together as a community in front of a bright yellow building and enjoyed a refreshing cup of Schaefermade lemonade.