September 1, 2014

“What’s inspiring you right now?”

Charlie Howlett – Senior Designer/Art Director

I recently found some hand-painted signs that Jeff Canham did for Mollusk Surf Shop. Looking through his work on his site really makes me want to start painting again, whether it’s type or just fun designs. I haven’t yet because I want to do it perfectly on the first try, but I know I won’t because I never practice. It’s much easier to stick to computer design because I do it every day, and it’s easier to execute what’s in my head.

Sometimes, I’ll make little doodles for my four-year-old son. It’s fun to make him smile, but I think I should also spend time doing work that makes me smile. It’s so easy for a designer to look at their portfolio and say, “This is me.” But it isn’t. It’s work that I’ve done, but it’s not me. Jeff’s work is making me want to do more personal projects just for my own enjoyment. Like this “H” I made just because.