September 18, 2020

The Hill Country is Calling

Wolf Ranch – a Hillwood Community – needed a way to tell its story of camaraderie, tradition, and heritage to a new wave of homebuyers seeking the right blend of the good life and the great outdoors. More than that, they needed to market the expansion of the community that now extended its footprint to the shores of the San Gabriel River. Residents have always had amazing river views, but now they had access to the waterfront right in their backyard. 

Our job was to depict and sell an honest to goodness Texas lifestyle and do so beneath a new brand message that fits comfortably within the existing brand architecture. Connecting with new home buyers on an emotional level can be a tall task, but it can be done with evocative, succinct messaging.

The previous tagline, “The Hill Country is Calling,” reflected the geography of Wolf Ranch, nodding to the intrinsic beauty of the land and its natural enchantment. However, it didn’t represent the camaraderie and community as well as it could.

To evolve that message, we created “A Community Cut From the Land.” The refreshed tagline speaks to nature’s ability to bring people together, a natural metaphor for the thoughtful design Hillwood brings to every community they create.