April 26, 2016


April 26, 2016

Battle of the B®ands

Last year, we changed the Addys with a new venue and format. How’d we top that this year? Rock & Roll.
We launched our “Battle of the B®ands” concept and invited agencies to submit their work to compete on the big stage where the winners advance and the losers stay home.
Gig posters announced this year’s competition, submissions were collected, the historic Ridglea Theater was booked and the rest was advertising rock & roll history. Fans received pre-show invites packed with tickets & stickers and event lanyards were given at the door. Trust Printshop printed merch on-site and The Swags played us through the night, backed by technicolor elephants and eyeballs.
The brands battled, awards were given and everyone left with a CD-sized reminder of what actually happened. For those who couldn’t make it or for those who want to re-live it, here’s the night’s house playlist. Until next year, keep on rockin’ in the free world.

Chippewa Boots is an American legacy that dates back to 1901 and has been worn for generations by hardworking, passionate men and women who helped build and shape this country. Today, Chippewa Loyalists remain steadfast ambassadors for the brand, but a new breed of Chippewa customer – the young urban – is emerging and embracing the lifestyle that Chippewa represents. In 2016 Chippewa, a division of Justin Boots, a Berkshire Hathaway Co., sought Schaefer Advertising to create an elevated brand platform that would continue to reflect the legacy, quality and craftsmanship of their boots, but also bridge the brand’s appeal to this new target audience.

The new brand creative features sweeping imagery that captures the Chippewa lifestyle in its Americana roots. The platform features a custom trade show exhibit that launched at America’s largest outdoor trade show, Outdoor Retailer, along with new catalogs, look books, advertising, web and social elements. Outdoor Retailer was so impressed with the new platform, Chippewa was upgraded to a premier location within the “America” section of the show. Sit back and relax while you take in the new Chippewa.

February 24, 2016

Competence and Character

Whitaker Chalk is a well-respected law firm based in Fort Worth, known for their competence and subject matter expertise. But, as with any business, growth is vital to ongoing success. Whitaker Chalk came to us looking for guidance to help them hone their message in a way that enhanced their relevance and viability to prospective clients. After extensive interviews with their partners and executive leadership – it became clear that the firms combination of competence, good judgement, tenacity and character were the cornerstones upon which their value proposition should be built. Once messaging was clear, we sought to bring it to life with a new web presence.  An extensive wireframe and information architecture were necessary to plan the site’s robust functionality. The new website features relevant case and industry news combined with comprehensive search functionality by each attorney’s expertise for a contemporary and user-friendly web experience. Since launching, site traffic and time spent per page have increased dramatically, accomplishing exactly what the firm needed – more people, knowing more about Whitaker Chalk.

February 18, 2016


Sometimes you get to work with clients that have a little extra special meaning. And for Charlie Howlett, TCU Baseball is one of those. Back in 2003, he was a fresh-faced frosh on the Horned Frog baseball team under Coach Lance Brown. Don’t be mistaken; Charlie is way tougher than he looks. As a catcher, he spent plenty of time sweltering behind the plate. Given his love of baseball and his passion for the Horned Frog baseball program the chance to work on the team video was a perfect fit.
For the past three years, Coach Schlossnagle has asked the Schaefer team to create a video that captures his coaching theme for that year. This year, the focus is on choices we make that separate people into two categories:  Common and Uncommon. Based on the principles of Selfless – Energy – Excellence, it’s the small choices made every day that begin to turn common boys into uncommon men.
Every swing, every pitch, every catch – the TCU baseball program focuses on developing the complete student athlete – giving players every advantage possible to realize their full potential. In this year’s video, we step into the minds of the 2016 Horned Frogs at that moment right before game time. They are replaying the culmination of big and small choices, mixed with coaching and individual preparation that will ultimately lead this team into the new season.
See some behind the scenes photos on our Facebook page.

On the heels of the Sundance Film Festival we thought we’d pay a little cinematic love to another festival we’ve had the chance to work with from our hometown of Fort Worth, The Lone Star Film Festival.
In 2011, we were asked by the board of the Lone Star Film Society to develop a new logo for both the organization and their festival. Their current logo screamed “cheesy western.” For some reason, people in Texas often make the mistake of throwing a pair of longhorns or a wagon wheel into a design to make it seem like it’s part of Texas’ heritage. We took the opportunity to create a new identity package that significantly upgraded the feel of the festival.
As with many festivals, marketing budgets are often tight, relying on barter agreements and creative developed by someone, that knows someone that has a nephew with a computer. Good creative is the best way to maximize limited marketing resources. So our agency went to work. We guided the organization through a process to position the festival in a way that made a lasting impact on the culture of Cowtown. Over the next three years, the Schaefer team created several award winning campaigns that not only dramatically elevated awareness of the festival but also drove attendance numbers to record levels.

January 13, 2016

You’ve Just Been Flashed

Flash Global is a leading provider of global service supply chain solutions that specializes in the high tech industry. Supply chain and logistics marketing can often times be dry and boring but Flash works hard to set the brand apart with non-traditional marketing.

Given that a plethora of Flash prospects and customers annually attend VM World, one of the largest global trade conferences for virtualization and cloud computing, the Flash team saw this event as an opportunity to engage with targets and customers “beyond the booth.”

Schaefer concepted an integrated social campaign and contest that would include pre, during, and post show marketing tactics. The overarching campaign concept was predicated on the theme of “Flash Flashers”, a branded street team that would surface at the VM World event.

Prior to the event, the Flash team teased the Flash Flashers campaign with a number of social posts, eblasts and sponsored Twitter ads that were directed toward a specific list of VM World guests. In addition, the team hosted a subject-specific Twitter Chat focused on timely supply chain topics particularly relevant to the high-tech audience at VM World.

Flash received very strong metrics from their eblast efforts.


    Teaser eblast

  • 2873 recipients
  • 46% open
  • 55% CTR
    Pre-event eblast

  • 2636 recipients
  • 12% open
  • 88% CTR
    At Event eblast

  • 2622 recipients
  • 85% open
  • 14% CTR


On opening day of the event the Flash Flashers, (purely fun, and rated “G”) were positioned outside of the Moscone Center where VM World was hosted. While canvassing the streets, The Flash Flashers were outfitted with bright orange trenches, showcasing the brand’s signature color. The high energy crew made the most of their tour by encouraging tweets for #VMWorldFlash, as well as handing out selfie sticks, flash collateral and fake apple watches that invited the recipient to enter to win real Apple and Android prizes.

Throughout the event the Flash team promoted socially on both LinkedIn and Twitter, using organic posts, blog posts, and twitter cards to further encourage engagement.

Twitter 83 Entries


  • 520 engagements
  • 14 Replies
  • 86 Favorites
  • 52 User Clicks
  • 122 URL clicks
  • 11 Hashtag Clicks
  • 103 Detail Expands
  • 32 Embedded Media Views
    Overall impressions

  • 81,447 Impressions
  • 19,024 promoted
  • 62,453 organic.

  • 915 Impressions
  • 5 clicks
  • .55% engagement


To further promote the Flash Flashers, and the Apple and Android prizes, a campaign landing page was crafted. A key feature of the landing page was a Twitter social feed, in gallery format, allowing viewers to see all posts in real time. Additionally, participants who were not current Twitter users, could utilize this page as an alternative way to enter the contest by filling out the on-page form and subsequently were added to the Flash database.


  • 85 entries via the web form
  • Increased site visits attributable to the event
    • 269 visits during that week from social media
      • 145 came from LinkedIn
      • 108 from Twitter
      • 11 from Facebook


As a result, Flash Global carved out a noteworthy presence outside the show, building an experiential relationship with prospects and setting a tone for a brand that is on the cusp of significant growth.

Is singing loud for all to hear!”
Or in our case, calligraphy quotes from classic holiday films—you definitely don’t want us to sing. And while our collective voice may not be pleasant, we did join together as an agency for a special edition calligraphy class from the the lovely and industrious Lauren Essl of Blue Eye Brown Eye. We were provided custom name cards, ink wells and calligraphic pens from the seasoned letter-smith, and taught through practicing the calligraphic alphabet. After hours of baselines, stroke-variances and ink splattering, we attempted penning a few of our favorite Christmas movie quotes. While some of our attempts may be more stink than ink, we finished the whole ordeal a whole lot jollier.

Special thanks to Cockrell Enovation for executing this project to specification:

CHRISTMAS CARDS: 5×7, printed 1/1, PMS 877 / PMS 877, 100# cover Curious Red Matter, qty. 500 of three different cards
VERTICAL BELLY BAND: 17×4.125, Desert Storm 70# text, black and white ink/white, two scores, qty. 500
ENVELOPE: A7 Finch, printed 1/1, PMS 877 / PMS 877, qty. 500


October 23, 2015

Facing the Beast

“You’ve gotta learn to drive with the fear. There ain’t nothin’ more frightenin’ than drivin’ with a live cougar in the car.”

Wise words from the character, Reese Bobby from the critically acclaimed movie, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.
In our case, the cougar (or tiger) refers to: the beast that is professional networking. Whether you’re a professional concerned with finding new talent or a student worried about starting their career, the Fort Worth Creative Co-op’s Creative Gauntlet is the place you need to be. With 4 years under their belt, the FWCC has become familiar with creating environments for open dialogue and friendly advice. This year the event was held at 916 Bryan, a recently redeveloped 2-story warehouse building designed for creative office uses, housed in Fort Worth’s Near Southside. The free event brought students from TCU, UNT, UTA and The Art Institute of Fort Worth together to make connections with creative industry professionals and present their work in a “speed-dating” style conversation/portfolio review.
Jon Chapman created the look for Creative Gauntlet No. 4 and Trust Printshop screen printed the posters and gift bags.

October 14, 2015

Arts Goggle 2015

Now that the chalk dust has settled, who is ready to plan for Arts Goggle 2016? Ok, so maybe we aren’t there yet but if you were not able to make it out this year, you missed out. This year, Arts Goggle took over the streets of Magnolia and we took over the street between Henderson and S. Adams. Best Idea Ever!! Having the freedom to be as creative as we wanted, we decided to create a 10ft x 40ft chalkboard wall in the field next to our office. The wall was covered from top to bottom with frames that were all shapes and sizes and allowed for the community to be as creative as they wanted. Starting off, the team was vigilant at keeping the wall clean for more people to participate, but as the day went on and the crowds got bigger, they over took us. By the end of the night the chalk drawings, messages and shout outs had taken over the street.
We teamed up with Trust Printshop for the second year in a row and once again, they out did themselves. To keep with the chalk theme, Matt Lucas put on his mad scientist hat and created chalk–infused ink for the day and printed Southside shirts on site. All the proceeds from the shirts went to help Fort Worth South continue to promote public art in the Southside. “If you didn’t leave Arts Goggle covered in chalk dust you were probably doing it wrong. By the end of the night that giant wall and the shirts were the chalk of the town… See what I did there?

Thanks to everyone who tagged us in your posts! It was great to see your art and hear your thoughts. Here are some of our favorites:

“Having so much fun at Art Goggle in Fort Worth today! Made my day to meet and chat with Matt from @trustprintshop and Ken from @schaeferadco. You guys are awesome! #celebratealways #artsgoggle2015” — celebrate.always

“Super cool art wall set up by @schaeferadco at this years Arts Goggle. #artsgoggle2015 #iheartart #FortWorth #instafw #instagram” — brianhutsonphotography
“A little art culture for the soul. @schaeferadco #iheartart #art #streetart #fortworth #texas” — vangbee87
“My super talented wife having fun at Arts Goggle. #artsgoggle #artsgoggle2015 #nearsouthside @schaeferadco #iheartart — weaver.engineer


It’s all about the details and that was the story for the 2015 Riff Ram Video. Our team embraced the opportunity to make this in-game tradition something special for the Horned Frog faithful. Each scene was curated with new and old memorabilia and a few custom creations to make each viewing a new experience. We designed t-shirts, coffee mugs, pennants, digital downloads, wall murals, an 80’s workout video and even commissioned a painted SuperFrog portrait.

We vandalized, trespassed and 2-stepped our way through a coffee shop, practice field, barber shop and tattoo parlor over 3 days of shooting. We directed a Heisman hopeful, a former chancellor and a 5-year old cheerleader. We pulled it all off with a chorus of football players, a retro workout video and Renaissance painting of Super Frog. Enjoy this behind the scenes look at how Schaefer reinvented TCU’s classic tradition for the 2015 football season.
Produced in partnership with N8 Visuals.
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