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The Making of TCU Riff Ram 2015

It’s all about the details and that was the story for the 2015 Riff Ram Video. Our team embraced the opportunity to make this in-game tradition something special for the Horned Frog faithful. Each scene was curated with new and old memorabilia and a few custom creations to make each viewing a new experience. We designed t-shirts, coffee mugs, pennants, digital downloads, wall murals, an 80’s workout video and even commissioned a painted SuperFrog portrait.

We vandalized, trespassed and 2-stepped our way through a coffee shop, practice field, barber shop and tattoo parlor over 3 days of shooting. We directed a Heisman hopeful, a former chancellor and a 5-year old cheerleader. We pulled it all off with a chorus of football players, a retro workout video and Renaissance painting of Super Frog. Enjoy this behind the scenes look at how Schaefer reinvented TCU’s classic tradition for the 2015 football season.
Produced in partnership with N8 Visuals.
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