Real Estate

Building brands from
the inside out

We build brands that actively engage consumers and drive business results. We combine meaningful data about the market with insight and intuition to create value and bring real estate to life.

You’ve got the vision, we’ll pave the way

The real estate market consists of visionaries. A young family dreaming of their first home. Raw dirt crafted into a legacy. The sidewalks and streets that transform a development into a community.

At Schaefer, we understand that no matter whose vision it is, the journey is unique. It’s the reason we craft every strategic move to reflect your goals now and in the future.

Real estate experience

We’ve partnered with some of real-estate’s biggest names and industry up-and-comers.


Strategy makes all the difference

Our approach is simple—know your business, know the market, know your audience. We turn market intelligence into actionable strategies and innovative solutions that help you optimize value, connect with consumers and outperform your competitors.

Award-Winning Creative

Stand out in a sea of sameness

What makes your brand unique is more than a storyline, it’s a selling point. We use it to deliver effective creative that sets you apart from your competition. And root it all in strategy to ensure what we create speaks to your audience and your business objectives.


Opportunity by the numbers

Selling real estate is more art than science, but we value what the numbers say. We collect key points of data before, during and after every campaign to make sure we’re moving in the right direction and can pivot when we see opportunity.

Let's collaborate

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