(not her real name)


July 22, 2015

Meet Sandy

Today, we are introducing our newest team member, Sarah Estes, to you, the internet. You’re welcome. She’s new. She’s a senior account manager. She’s focusing on our technology clients. Let’s see what else we can find out about her.
Schaefer: First off, we already have a Sara here, so is there anything else we can call you?
Sarah Estes: Jon has already started calling me Sandy. That and Sesty, but that doesn’t sound very good.
Schaefer: No it doesn’t. I like Sandy. Would you actually respond to that?
Sarah: Yeah, I already have actually.
Schaefer: Good, it’s settled then. What is the most important thing we should know about you, Sandy?
Sandy: If you can read my face, I’ll never need to say anything. I have a very expressive face.
Schaefer: For another point of view, let’s see what Megan thinks. Megan, tell everyone about Sarah, I mean, Sandy.
Megan: Can I just talk, and you just make it pretty in words? Are you typing that? You should’ve just said “no!” If I had to sum up Sarah, I’d say she’s so spunky that she puts my sassiness to shame, and it makes me seem more normal. And that’s my summary of Sarah. The end.
Schaefer: Any rebuttal, Sandy?
Sandy: You ain’t seen nothing yet. This is really downplaying it.
Schaefer: So what are you like when you’re not downplaying it?
Sandy: Oh, ooo. I think I’m the girl that always shoots it straight. Sometimes it’s a good thing; sometimes it’s a bad thing. I can literally get along with anybody. I don’t judge.
Megan: She loves shoes. And she paints her nails in weird places.
Sandy: Yeah, that’s something I do. I’ve got three bottles of polish on my desk.
Schaefer: You’re not going to try to paint my nails, are you?
Sandy: I mean, I think a black would look good. Just the pinky.
At this point in the interview, I left. So that’s all you get to know about Sandy for now. I think it’s safe to assume she’ll fit in just fine.

June 10, 2015

Party. Animals.

Each year, the Fort Worth Zoo brings together some of the best restaurants and music acts in town for a tasting and music event called Beastro. For this year’s campaign, we boiled it down to the essentials.

June 10, 2015

Paint the town hot pink

We love our neighborhood of Near Southside here in Fort Worth, and we try to be neighborly whenever possible. So when residents started complaining about business patrons parking in front of their houses, we were there to help. See, there’s this perfectly good parking garage just off Magnolia street, but a lot of people didn’t know about it. How do we remedy this? With advertising, of course!

Schaefer created the “Park the Garage” campaign using eye-catching street banners to point people in the right direction. We also provided table tents, buck slips and coasters to local businesses to help reinforce the message. With all that hot pink, there was basically no way for upstanding gourmands to miss that great, big, juicy parking garage just waiting for their vehicles.

Today, the garage is in use, the neighbors are happy and there is peace and tranquility in Near Southside once again. All thanks to some well-placed, brightly colored information.


June 9, 2015

The Specialist is in

Four years ago, Schaefer was asked to create a spokesman character for TTI, Inc., a $2B electronic components distributer that had just been acquired by Berkshire Hathaway. Thus the Specialist was born, and since then he’s been fighting bad guys and saving production lines both in videos and a comic book series. Both have been very successful within the industry. “TTI – you’re the guys with the Specialist, right?”
Wanting to maintain our momentum but keep things fresh, Schaefer went back to the drawing board to think of a new way to capitalize on The Specialist character’s infinite knowledge of all things electronic.

Now, Schaefer is proud to introduce Ask the Specialist, a new video series that features our intrepid hero answering questions on a wide range of topics – everything from parts and components to relationship advice.

Click the link to see the first episode, and be sure to check back each month for more answers to life’s burning questions.

The Texas A&M Forest Service was created by the Texas Legislature in 1915 to protect and conserve our state’s trees, forests and related natural resources. Who would’ve guessed that nearly 100 years later, they would ask Schaefer Advertising to build them a website?
Sure, we’re no Washington State, but Texas has trees too, you know. And while we may not realize it, every Texan benefits from the conservation and wildfire protection activities and programs of Texas A&M Forest Service. Two thirds of voters live within 10 miles of wooded area and more than half visit forests or wooded areas multiple times per year.
Our marketing objective was to create awareness of Texas A&M Forest Service as a trusted resource of information pertaining to all things forestry. The website is their core marketing vehicle, so it was critical that it be educational as well as engaging. Click the link and take a look around; it can be the one new thing you learn today.
May 2, 2015

A British Invasion

In April, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to London for 8 days with my family. Before leaving, we made plans to do our best to visit everything that we possibly could in the time that we had there. We were all over the city, only taking breaks to rest our feet or sleep. We visited St. Paul’s Cathedral, Hyde Park, Buckingham and Kensington Palaces, Harrods and so many other places.
I am also not ashamed to admit that I tried to adopt the English accent. It’s easy to get carried away over there – by the end of the trip I think I had it down pretty well. Now, I am sure that if I tried it out on a local, they would have told me I was crazy!
On the trip I learned that I have an interest buying things that are just not necessary. For example, I came back with three pens, a planner, a paperweight, a keychain, too many coffee mugs, and many more things that will most likely never leave my bedroom. But darn it… I will have those souvenirs for the rest of my life, and THAT is what matters.
When I came back from my trip, my coworkers wanted to hear all about my adventures. Someone suggested that I pull together a blog with some cool images from my trip. When flipping through my phone, I made the joke that I could make a blog post out of the embarrassing amount of selfies I took. In true Schaefer fashion, what I thought was a joke ended up being a reality (you have to be careful what you say around here). So here it is. Makes you feel like you’re in England, right?

March 20, 2015

The Cure for Spring Fever

Spring is in the air, and sleepy animals are emerging from their caves to venture out into the sunlight once more. Sorry, I meant people. Emerging from their homes. After another typically unpredictable winter, spring is back, which means a lot of moms and dads are ready to get their kids out of the house before they all go crazy.

Thankfully, there’s a ton of stuff to do at the Fort Worth Zoo – animal shows, keeper chats and all kinds of new baby animals being all cute. For this year’s spring campaign, we focused not only on the variety of experiences, but also on the memories those experiences create for families. Check out what we put together, then go out there and see it for yourself – it’s a beautiful day!

February 10, 2015

On our honor

This was the second year Schaefer got to produce the annual TCU Baseball video. The team was coming off a very successful year, yet they still felt the sting of coming up short in the College World Series. For 2015, both the coaches and players had an even greater resolve to take it all the way to the championship.

Based on the Boy Scout oath, “On Our Honor” is a promise to themselves, their teammates, coaches and fans to follow the path of selflessness, energy and excellence.

This was another fun shoot with N8 Visuals out at Heart of the Ranch in Clearfork, another Schaefer client. Even the non-Horned Frogs here at Schaefer are excited to see how far TCU Baseball can go this year. Go Frogs! #toadtoomaha

2015 American Advertising Awards
On Friday night, advertising professionals from all over Fort Worth gathered for the 2015 American Advertising Awards. As last year’s Best of Show winner, Schaefer was responsible for this year’s event theme, which was “Amendment 28,” a modern take on prohibition except that it was advertising and not booze that was illegal.

In typical Schaefer fashion, we had a lot of fun with it. From a fake theme to fake government agents to real posters taped on real agency doors, we used a wide range of media to keep the game going. It all culminated last Friday with “The Event” – a secret meeting of ad pros at the Fort Worth Masonic Temple to celebrate in secret another year’s worth of work.

Results are still coming in, but early returns suggest that the event was a success. Guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and drinks while sizing up with each other’s work and catching up with old acquaintances and coworkers. The awards presentation video, courtesy of our friends at Studios 121, maintained the underground theme with glitchy effects and the subversive statement that, “If advertising has been outlawed, then we are all outlaws.”

Fitting then, that we made off like bandits, coming away with 16 total awards including five golds and another Best of Show award for the 2015 Zoo Ball invitation we did for the Fort Worth Zoo. Designed by Blair Babineaux with art direction by Charlie Howlett and production by Maren Gibbs, this piece is a fitting jewel to crown a busy and productive 2014.

Of course, winning Best of Show again means we get to put on the show next year, but we’d rather not think about that for a few months. It was a lot of work.

Here’s to a great 2014 and to our three-peat next February!

February 9, 2015

Do you know your Zoophabet?

The annual Fort Worth Zoo preschool is a great way for kids to learn all about their favorite animals from A to Z. So, industrious designer Jon Chapman set about illustrating a menagerie of animals – one for every letter of the alphabet. This series of animal flash cards was made available on the Fort Worth Zoo website so parents could print them out for their kids’ to enjoy. Which one’s your favorite?