April 10, 2019

Embracing the Schaefer Family

Some people are wise, and others are strong. Well Vikki Phy is a combination of the two. Vikki brings 30+ years of production experience that blows her team away. Her ability to strategically create solutions serves her role well as traffic manager here at Schaefer. When Vikki isn’t at work, she is most likely at her grandson’s football and baseball games.
Schaefer: Tell me a little about yourself.
I’ve been married since I was 19.  My family started early as my priority. We have 3 children and raise our grandson.  We moved to Fort Worth in 2013 from Rowlett, Texas, for my grandson to attend Trinity Valley School.  At that time, I continued to work in Dallas, but I was actively searching for a job closer to home and my family. That is when I found Schaefer!
Professionally speaking, I have worked at small and large agencies in production management. I have been able to add value to the bottom line and employee development though my strong work ethic and experiences. I love the business. I love my family. I love that I have been able to create a partnership between the two. It is great being in Fort Worth and being a part of the Schaefer team.
Schaefer: When you first started at Schaefer, was there anything surprising about the agency that you didn’t expect?
Schaefer embraces a family culture. I wouldn’t say I was surprised by it, but I was certainly encouraged by how true Schaefer employees hold to it.
Schaefer: Any food places around Fort Worth that you enjoy?
I love Fort Worth food! My favorite is The Original Mexican Restaurant.
Schaefer: How about movies? Have any favorites?
Well, I’m a Netflix binger of pretty much anything!
Schaefer: What are you watching on Netflix?
I’m finishing up the last season of House of Cards. I like Frankie & Grace and I love the Marvelous Mrs. Maizel.
Schaefer: What type of music do you enjoy listening to?
My family is very musical but I am not. I don’t listen to a lot of music but if I do it’s your typical Barbara Streisand, Neil Diamond, or ABBA. All the classics.
Schaefer: If you could give advice to anyone trying to get into the advertising industry, what would you tell them?
That advertising is not just about how we communicate to the world visually and verbally. We are at our core a service industry, and it is our responsibility to help a client reach their goal whether that is moving their product or changing their brand. That should be our focus.