June 5, 2019

A Wes-Anderson Kind of Mood

We know Jeff Heaton around the office as a creative mastermind. His impressive background in drawing, painting, videography and graphic design is what initially drew us in. But after meeting him, we knew he was a perfect fit here at Schaefer. This film fanatic and hot sauce connoisseur gives each project 110%, creating some of the most wicked work this office has seen. We’re talking one-on-one with Jeff to get to know the man behind the screen a little bit better.

Schaefer: Tell us about yourself.
I’ve been in advertising for the past seven years in Fort Worth. In that time, I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients and have worked on a wide range of projects with focuses mostly on video and traditional advertising.

Schaefer: What drew you to Fort Worth?
I’m originally from DFW, so I’ve bounced around the area. But I met my wife up at the University of North Texas, and we would always come to visit Fort Worth and just fell in love with the town. It’s a big city, but with a small-town feel. Truly the best of both worlds.

Schaefer: What does your wife do?
She is a fourth-grade teacher. She teaches reading and writing.

Schaefer: That’s great. Looking back on your life, when did you know you wanted to be creative?
I always knew. I was taking art and design classes throughout high school. I originally started at Texas A&M as an architecture major, but I ended up enjoying the design side more than the structural side of things. That’s when I made the decision to transfer to UNT and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts.

Schaefer: A lot of your day revolves around the computer. Let’s say they no longer exist. What type of job would you be doing?
I honestly can see myself doing the same thing I am doing now. Assuming that advertising is still around too, I would go back to the hand illustrations and drawings they did in the 50s.

I’d also be interested in film. I’m a big movie guy, so I could see myself doing that as well.

Schaefer: What are your top three movies?
That’s such a loaded question! Sunshine is one of my all-time favorites. I love the Dark Knight and the Assassination of Jessie James too.

Schaefer: What about the worst movie you’ve ever seen?
The worst one I’ve seen recently is Downsizing with Matt Damon. I thought it was a cool concept, but the execution was just terrible. That’s the movie I love to tell people to stay away from. Don’t watch it!

Schaefer: What are your top three emojis?
*thumbs up* *guy shrugging* * okay sign*

Schaefer: What is something you are interested in that you’ve found most people aren’t?
Hot sauces. It’s become a challenge. I am always trying to taste the next hottest level and test my toleration.

Schaefer: What about a trend or fad that you don’t understand?
All the Fortnite stuff. Never played it, and just don’t get it. My wife teaches fourth grade and will talk about her kids doing the dances. It just doesn’t make sense.

Schaefer: What is your favorite brand and why?
Apple. It’s the cliché answer, but I think what they do is just so clean, even down to the packaging. Microsoft can’t even touch that space. No other tech company could ever get close to their aesthetic.

Schaefer: What piece of advice do you have for your younger-self just starting in the advertising industry?
Keep asking questions and don’t be afraid to speak out. Things in this field take time and practice. Patience is the name of the game.

Schaefer: Describe the culture at Schaefer in one word.

Schaefer: What do you love about Schaefer?
You feel valued around here. I received a large basket of goods on my first day, and we are always celebrating work anniversaries and birthdays. It’s a fun environment to be in.